Dunya e Fani

Mujay Taajub Hai Uss Shaks Per Jo Sara e Fani (Dunya) Ko Abad Karta Hai aur Manzil e Jawadani (Aakhayrat) Ko Chor Deta Hai.

Hazrat Ali a.s is saying that I really wonder about the behaviour of person who is just struggling for the immortal place (World) which he will leave soon or forgotten the place and not doing anything for the place which is immortal and where he will live forever.

This saying of Imam Ali a.s is motivating people to struggle for that place which is the actual place where humans will move after death and it is not understandable that persons are doing all efforts  for a place where humans being will not live forever and will leave that place after few years.

Translation of the Words

Mujay means I.

Taajub means wonder.

Hai means is.

Uss means him.

Shaks means Person.

Per means On.

Jo means Who.

Sara means Hotel where people live temporarily.

Fani means Mortal.

Ko is a preposition means To.

Abad means Live.

Karta means Do.

Aur means And.

Manzil means Destination.

Jawadani means Immortal which remains forever.

Aakhayrat means Heaven or Hell Place hereafter where person will live forever.

Chor means Left.

Deta means does.

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