Tamam Tareef Uss ALLAH Kay Liay Hai Gis Ki Rehmat Say Na Ummedi Nahi aur Gis Ki Nematon Say Kisi Ka Daman Khali Nahi, Naa Uss Ki Maghfirat aur Maafion Say Koi Mayoos Hai aur Na Uss Ki Ibadat Say Kisi Ko Aitraz Ho Sakta Hai, Naa Uss Ki rehmaton Ka Silsila Tootta Hai aur Naa Uss Ki Namaton Ka Silsila Rukta Hai.

In this Quote of Mola Ali as He is Praising ALLAH and Saying ALHAMDOLILLAH means All Praises goes to ALLAH who have never disappointed anyone from his blessings and every one has his belssings. His forgiveness is for every one who wants that,

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